Cabinet wall “divides
and conquers”
many needs

Compacting a standard
bath makes room
for a generous
master bath

Indirect lighting from
cabinet tops adds
good ambient light

Kelleher-Engel Residence

Carol Kelleher and Dan Engel faced a classic home remodeling problem, “how to update a kitchen and baths without compromising the rest of the home”. Gar's solution was to substitute a multifunctional cabinet for the wall between kitchen and living room. Cabinet storage, bulletin board, and a buffet/sideboard face the kitchen/dining side. A built-in/disappearing desk, audio equipment storage, and wood, art display wall are on the living room side. The kitchen gained a two level island, new lighting, cabinets, and appliances for two serious cooks. Two equally sized baths became smaller (guest/powder) and larger (master) by installing a 4' tub in the guest and large shower, double sinks, skylight in the master bath.