Picture Holder
signage system
covered everything
from room ID
to all artwork

Intensive Care was
made to seem
quieter with
dimmable lights
and new colors

Children's Hospital of Saint Paul

The Children’s Hospital of St. Paul wanted to make its physical environment more welcoming to children and their families. Close Associates put together a team of specialists to address the particular concerns in the areas of signage, lighting, site planning, interior design, and architecture. To help patients navigate the facility and create a strong identity for patient/family space, each floor has an identifying color that is carried through the signage and finishes. Lighting canopies extend into the corridor to help designate patient areas. Residential materials were used to create a calm, welcoming environment, while wall carpet absorbs sound and cart traffic. And, in contrast to the medical charts normally attached to hospital room doors, specialized units conceal patient charts and provide a display place for children’s art.