Three steps connect
each of nine levels

Solar collectors
part of NSP
demonstration project

Prairie style accents
recall clients'
Red Wing roots

Hedin Residence

Clients Robert and Carolyn Hedin wanted a home that would blend in with the surroundings and take advantage of panoramic views. In response to gradual fluctuations in the topography of the site and Robert’s poems about tornadoes, the house is designed with a series of nine levels gradually stepping up in a circular fashion around an open three-story center core, culminating in a lookout “perch.” Each room provides a view that extends the inside to the outdoors. Limestone from the surrounding area highlights the entrance path, interior floor and walls. The exterior is stucco with low maintenance, metal clad, wood windows and doors. The flat roof provides large overhangs to control glare, protect from weather, and imitate the graceful wings of the eagles that soar along the bluff.