Strong, simple
presence along
busy suburban road

Flexible space
for worship and

Inexpensive design
using long span,
residential wood

Champlin United Methodist Church

Close Associates was approached by members of the Champlin United Methodist Church to design a 150-person sanctuary addition. Working with the church’s building committee, Gar Hargens helped the group define its goals for the church’s new home: a strong visual identity in a rapidly developing rural community, a sanctuary which would also support the church’s music and theatrical programs, and an elegant design on a modest budget. The design features prominent facades and silhouettes to create a strong symbolic presence along highway 169. The simple shapes and exposed trusses minimized construction costs and created a lighting gallery that draws the gaze upward. The Chancel area doubles as a thrust stage while the backdrop panels act as acoustic reflectors and create a “backstage” area for actors and set storage.