Getting Started

New clients tell us there is nothing like communicating with our past clients to better understand how we work together. It’s also reassuring to hear from them that this new effort and expense leads to a better and more affordable project in the end. Many of our past Close clients believe strongly enough in what we created together that they have agreed to show you their homes and be available via e-mail on a limited basis. If you see a project on our website that you would like to know more about, please contact me, and we will see if that client and project are available or we can suggest one like it that is not yet shown on our web site. We have added a link to our web site that will show you two important American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) documents that define the roles and responsibilities of client, architect, and contractor. For many, this is their first experience in design and construction. While nothing can replace a trusting relationship between you, your architect, and eventually your contractor, the AIA B101, Standard Contract between Owner and Architect, is a good place to start understanding those relationships. The second document, the AIA General Conditions, B201, takes you through the construction process. Some parts you may know already, but others may be new and allow you to ask smart questions and remove confusion and anxiety about what lies ahead.